Olly Liu is a producer, engineer, mixer, and guitarist. He currently works as a freelance producer, mixer, and engineer in London and is the guitarist and songwriter for the band Minervuh. 


Oliver has worked across the United States. In New York Oliver worked as an assistant to Oscar Zambrano at Zampol Productions. Here he assisted on the Superhero Cast album, Kyle Taylor Parker's album, Eva Gertz's album, and on Spotify Singles for artists such as Yonaka and Carly Rae Jepsen. 


He also worked for Brad Leigh of Leigh Audio. While working for Brad, he helped with the technical consulting and design of various New York studios. At Orchid studio, he reconfigured the entire wiring and technical layout of the control room, including a full patch bay and SSL console rewiring. Their largest project was a 2-week long dismantling of Carter Burwell's studio, to be shipped and rebuilt in its entirety at Vanderbuilt college in Nashville. 

Oliver began his career interning in Los Angeles at Kingsize Soundlabs recording studio and at Fancy Film post production house. At Kingsize Oliver learned excellent studio ettiquette and honed his studio problem solving skills. At Fancy Film Oliver took the role of the middle man between Hollywood clientele and the technical staff. 

Oliver graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Production and Engineering.